Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Digital Imaging - Narrative

The assignment was to  take a picture of ourselves and create a character of the past and one of the future.  The emphasis was on the "Liquify" (under Filter) command and the use of various brushes that are available from the internet.

For the past I chose to try to depict a photo as Sacajawea.  She is a person in the past that I admire.  She led Lewis and Clark and party half way across the United States.  She not only saw to their needs but took care of her infant son as well.  I included an authentic period dress; and I placed her in front of a large lake.  I created a filter for the lake background because it was too bright.  I changed the color of the face to make it less pale.  It was necessary to use "hair" brushes to create a different color of hair.  I used "liquify" to help create the braids.

For the future I created a character of myself reincarnated as a cat.  Here "liquify" helped distort the face.  I used "fur" brushes to cover clothing and hair in the original picture. It was necessary to use various colors of brush strokes to get the fur to look more realistic. I changed the background by creating a multicolor layer to create contrast with the background. 

As I did this work, I again was reminded of the need to make sure I am on the correct layer when working.  If I were to start again, I would have created the background for the cat then imported the head shot after masking out the original background.

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