Sunday, August 14, 2011

What I did this summer

I spent most of the summer working on charity quilts.  It was a very hot summer here and there was a limited amount of time I could spend outside.  I worked on my quilting skills.  I had not made a quilt using the log cabin pattern before; I decided to try it.

I was really encouraged; it was a lot of fun, and relatively easy.  I decided to make another.
This one used blue and some really wild red. Let's do another.

This one used green and gold.

The centers on this one were from some fabric that had pictures of bears.  This time all the blocks were aligned the same.  I had almost enough material to make them all the same, but not quite.

I did one more log cabin - this time on point. The centers of this one are printed redwork that I cut from some interesting fabric.  The outside log on the center six included a row of lighter color to define the blocks.

I made several more quilts.  All will be donation quilts to the Covers for Kids program.
Notice the pictures are getting better - new camera.

This one was a challenge to combine several orphan blocks that were given to me.  I added a few of my own.

This one utilized a bunch of small triangles.  They were the corners cut off in an earlier project.
This one was made using the patterns posted in the Civil War Project.  It was a study in setting techniques.

This is a small quilt that I made by making some blocks then cutting them up at an angle and sewing back together.  The ones with the blank centers were the outside of the larger blocks that I cut.

This quilt utilized some blocks that I made many years ago, when I first started.  It was interesting to see how much I have improved.  They were not the same size and the seams were also very irregular.
And this is the last one I finished.  It used some fabric with pictures of little cowboys.  I combined these with some stars made from "bandana" fabric.  It was a challenge to get it to fit together; some of the fabric was thin and some heavy.  I learned that it is important for all the fabric to be of the same weight.

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