Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Montage

This assignment is harder than it looked at first.  I feel that I was less successful in completing this project than I would have liked; but, I feel that I learned more and was more comfortable with Photoshop than in previous works.

In my first attempt, I took the pictures all wrong.  I chose a triangular flower bed native wild flowers.  I circled the area, moving all around it.  All I got was lots of the same picture from various angles and they were very difficult to piece together. 

I started over.  Next I chose a fountain in the garden.  I methodically moved around the perimeter (which conveniently has a circular walk) taking a picture of the center every three steps.  This was very successful at capturing the central garden (of very similar hedge).  However, to do the fountain in the middle justice, one would need to get higher up and take a shot from above.  I was unable to do that.  So I attempted to combine several views of the fountain by creating a slice and duplicating.  I was not happy with the result.  To do this properly one should be able to determine the angle of the slice, 30, 60 or 90 degrees.  Then when duplicated, it would create the necessary 360 degree angle.

Next I tried to do a montage of my entire yard.  This was a humongous task.  I took pictures of my back yard.  I moved methodically taking five or six pictures across in about 10 strips.  I realized that it was very difficult to get the angle of the camera correct.  It was also very hard to match the pictures together if there was not a distinguishing characteristic such as a flower pot, fence pole or even a small stick. And, I realized I walked around one Rose of Sharon and only included the stem.   I worked on this for hours and decided it will take much  longer to get it right.  This is a preview of where I am at.

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