Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Section III

I have learned that I must write everything down, at least initially until I use it many, many times.  I need to start a chart of all the shortcuts.

In the Architectural Fantasy Project I needed to be reminded, again,  to keep the lighting intensity the same on all the picture components. I really liked doing the architectural combination, once I got started.  However, it was hard for me to think of something creative.

The first one I did included foliage.  I duplicated part of this and "flipped" it to make it larger.  Then it was necessary to add a few more shrubs so it was not identical.   I learned that it is hard to have the foliage  look like the  top layer without individually cutting out each blade extending upward.  I was fascinated  by the idea of combining long hallways, appearing as choices the viewer can make.

The next one is more of a fantasy, playing on the idea of going inside something that allows one to go deeper and deeper.  In each one I tried to include a copy of the whole.  This required making many copies before combining.

In the Vehicle Transformation Project it was also hard for me to get my creative ideas flowing.   I started with a white sedan; it was pretty boring.  I  covered it with quilting. For this I used skew, distort and warp. A little more interesting. I was able to enhance it further by adding a motion blur to simulate some action.

Again, I started with a white sedan.  This time I extended it to look like a limo. The second vehicle I did I covered with grass and flowers.  Here I learned that  once I had wrapped the object in the next layer I could lower the opacity and erase to let the chrome grill show through. I also tried to add a butterfly as a spoiler.

While I am writing I will document the following so that I do not forget again:
  • To go back one step, Control Z,
  • To save, Control S,
  • I can stop the dancing ants with a Control H command, and
  • I can bring up the grid with an Alt ' command.

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